Why Your Business NEEDS Brand Awareness Campaigns

Aidan McCready
3 min readNov 10, 2021


Have you ever been on Facebook and seen an ad for a product or service that you had never heard of before, clicked on it and then seen the same ad consistently on every social media site over the following months?

If so, you have most likely encountered a brand awareness campaign.

The purpose of an awareness campaign is pretty simple: Build brand awareness.

However, many business owners avoid awareness campaigns, as there is often no immediate return on their investment. Therefore, some people see them as a one way street, a “waste of money” where you put dollars in and get nothing in return.

This idea of awareness campaigns being a waste of money is simply a fallacy. Awareness campaigns, while often not “directly” leading to sales, can actually facilitate a 20% increase in new-to-brand sales. Additionally, 71% of consumers believe it is important to recognise a brand before they make a purchase.

“How?” You may be asking…

Because people buy from people/businesses they know, like and trust. If you can develop and distribute content in an awareness campaign that allows people to understand who you are, where you are located and what you do, they will be more inclined to buy from you when they are in need of your service(s).

Let’s go into the mind of a patient for a moment.

Imagine you are fit and healthy with no need for any healthcare services (lucky you!) and you see an ad for Jack’s Physiotherapy on Facebook. In the ad, Jack discusses who he is, what he does, where he’s located and the types of people he can help.

Over the coming months, you see similar ads from Jack’s Physiotherapy on all of your favourite social media sites (with changes made to the content, of course, to ensure the ads don’t become stale and annoying).

Then, a few months down the line, you bend down to pick up the toys your toddler left all over the floor (again) and you feel a sharp, debilitating pain in your back. You then hop on Google, search “Physio near me” and up pop three options:

  • Joe’s Physiotherapy
  • Jack’s Physiotherapy
  • Jane’s Physiotherapy

Who are you most likely to choose?

Assuming you haven’t been influenced by a word-of-mouth referral to attend another clinic, Jack hasn’t completely botched his Google headings and he has provided you with valuable and entertaining content through his awareness campaigns, you will most likely choose Jack.

The reason for this is because you know Jack. Not personally, but you have seen his ads and are confident that he has some idea of what he’s talking about due to the content you have been provided with thus far.

Furthermore, if Jack’s brand awareness campaigns are really good, he may have even convinced you to follow his social media pages that he posts to regularly, increasing your exposure to his brand!

As I mentioned earlier, 71% of consumers believe it is important to know your brand prior to making a purchase. Sure, you could hope they click your name first on Google, engage with and enjoy what you have on your website and then choose to book with you. However, this approach is too risky for me.

Over the years, I have had many patients come in because “they kept seeing my ads on Facebook and Instagram”. How long had they been seeing the ads before they came in? Who knows and quite frankly, who cares! (Impression costs are extremely low, so you would spend very little per-person in an awareness campaign)

The important thing is that my ads were able to build enough awareness and trust in the consumer’s mind that they felt confident enough to book in and have a consultation with me.

The best part of all was that I didn’t need to spend much time building trust with these patients or demonstrating my clinical expertise, because that was all already established through my ads!

This makes it a much easier conversation when it comes to rebooking, as the patients knew that I understood their needs, and could help them to achieve their desired outcomes.

So, what are you waiting for?

It’s time to get some content together and start getting your name out there, before one of your competitors does!

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